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    Do you want to reduce cost without sacrificing quality? Are you worrying about sourcing from China? We can help! Our mission is to help you reduce cost without compromise on quality, by sourcing high quality and best price products directly from China mainland and Taiwan.

We not only source your products directly from China mainland or Taiwan, we can also provide extra service such as Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Management, armed with expertise of MBA degree and Supply Chain Management certificate.

We provide you hassle free door to door service. You can focus your treasured resources on sales/marketing, without need to hire a specific staff for importing or outsourcing tasks.

We have over twenty years of international procurement & outsourcing experience both in China and New Zealand, understand business cultures of both countries.

With strong connection to China mainland and Taiwan, we are based in New Zealand, provide you local service.

With lower overhead, we pass more cost savings to you, and strive to offer you best price in the market.

Our existing NZ customers are very happy about the results - best value for money without compromising delivery and quality.

We work closely with you, analyze your products (equipment, materials, consumable parts, or promotional products etc.), identify eligible suppliers in China mainland and Taiwan, arrange samples or proof for your approval, inspect factories, place orders, provide sea/air shipment door to door service, including shipment arrangement and Customs clearance.

Plus, if you want to sell your unique technology or products to Asia, OMIX is here to help you target China market.

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